A Clean Home Increases Creativity, Calmness, and Confidence: The Mental Benefits of a Clean Home

The Mental Benefits of a Clean Home

Imagine you are having a stressful day. Issues came up at work, with the kids, or with family or friends. Or maybe you are just feeling overwhelmed and bummed out about something. You can’t wait to get home. You want to relax. Now, imagine your home is full of piles – paper piles, dish piles, laundry piles. Do you feel relaxed coming home to this?

I know I don’t. Trust me, I have been there! When your space is a mess it makes a mess of you, so to speak. You deserve better! And can have better!

The top benefits of having a clean home, a clean-living space, an organized and orderly house include less stress, a greater sense of calm, and even more confidence. A clean home also can spark creativity. Yes, read that again. When you have a clean space to think in, relax in, exist in, your mental space is free to explore, write, read, make art, and be more productive in areas of life that are truly meaningful to you.

A clean home is great for your mental wellbeing. It can lessen stress and de-stress you. It can make you feel truly “at home.” There is a peace that exists in a clean and orderly space. It is not just one less thing to worry about, it is one more thing to add to your joy and gratitude list. You can move freely in a clean home.

You can feel confident to invite others over into this space that will radiate a positive message to friends and family. You can feel confident in who you are by having a space that reflects order, peace, clarity, and calm.

Clean homes have also been shown to reduce conflict in families and marriages. Crazy right? I know! But think about it. This space is an extension of you. Of your thought processes, of your mental state. And you can essentially uplift yourself, change your mental state, organize your thoughts by giving them space and a place full of things that ensure order, take away worry, and reduce the urge to shame yourself with the ‘shoulds.’ You know what I mean by the shoulds – the ‘I should clean this up,’ ‘I should do dishes’, ‘I should clean the fridge.’ If those things are done, those thoughts are out of your mind. You are free to think and feel and do other and more productive things! Imagine it!

A clean home does amazing things for your mental state, for your emotional state, and works at deep psychological levels to give you a life of less stress, greater calm, increased confidence, more opportunities to be more productive and creative, and lastly, can even reduce conflict in your life and home.

These benefits are easily accessible, important, and I can help. Check out our services and get in touch with us.

A clean home improves life physically, mentally, and emotionally, so why wait?

Get you house clean an improve your life!